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Календарь Веда Локи
17 Января
2022 год

по ведическому
5121 год Кали-юги,
28-я Маха-юга
7-я манвантара
Эпоха Ману Вайвасваты
кальпа вепря
первый день 51 года
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To plant a tree at Vidya Sagara Ashram

Посади дерево в ашраме Видья Сагара

Due to the difficult situation in the world (panic and viruses), we propose to plant the seeds of white karma - to green the planet and support the Vidya Sagara retreat ashram under construction with planting trees.

We are faced with a challenge: 108 trees and 108 bushes.

You can plant trees that have a high phytoncidal effect, that is, they purify the air from microorganisms. Based on the research, the time of death of the protozoa was established after the contactless exposure of phytoncidal trees:

  • English oak - 5 minutes;
  • Pyramidal cypress - 6 minutes;
  • Yew berry - 6 minutes;
  • Cossack juniper - 7 minutes;
  • Scots pine - 10 minutes;
  • Warty birch - 20 minutes;
  • Silver poplar - 9 minutes.

How you can participate:

  • 1. Offerings. By purchasing one (or more) tree (bush) for the ashram.
  • 2. Conduct research and answer the questions: which trees are the best for the Kiev region (by properties, beauty, growth, climate).

The Guru instructs all disciples to acquire the siddhis of a long life in order to succeed in one body to achieve complete liberation.

We can strengthen our practice and retreat space with such trees and in the future with a forest. The efficacy and healing effect and pure prana (created trees) enhance our pranayama and prana vidya.


Volatile phytoncides can penetrate thrue lungs and skin into the human body. They inhibit the development of pathogenic microorganisms, protect against infectious diseases. Phytoncides normalize heart rate and blood pressure, participate in metabolism, reduce blood sugar, have a beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the brain, liver condition, bactericidal activity of the skin, as well as on the immune and nervous system.

To plant a tree at Vidya Sagara Ashram

Учебно-ритритный ашрам "Видья Сагара":
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