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Календарь Веда Локи
13 Июня
2024 год

по ведическому
5121 год Кали-юги,
28-я Маха-юга
7-я манвантара
Эпоха Ману Вайвасваты
кальпа вепря
первый день 51 года
Видья Сагара / Vidya Sagara Ashram Project

Vidya Sagara Ashram Project

The main purpose of a person — is to realize his sense of life, to find a connection with his Higher Self. Since the beginning of time, the ancient philosophers, ascetics, rishis of various spiritual traditions have been doing this. However, for a modern person from a metropolis it is often an impermissible luxury to devote his life to contemplation on the secrets of existence and the meaning of life. That requires time, solitude, silence and an appropriate atmosphere.

This project seeks to help many people to do this by making a connection with the ancient authoritative yoga tradition of Advaita Vedanta.

It is extremely important to satisfy the subtle needs of the soul, including needs for spiritualization, giving a deeper meaning to everything that happens in the material world. It is imperative to be filled with spiritual knowledge. It is extremely important to maintain and develop the source of purity and light that is within us, to find and reveal the eternal inner support. It is extremely important to slow down the tempo for a while, to calm down, listen, try to look closely at something so subtle and deep that it takes special skills, techniques, setting, atmosphere to see and notice.

And a calm, ecologically clean place, where silence (in Sanskrit mauna) is anxiously observed throughout the place, where the space is harmoniously organized in accordance with the instructions of the ancient scriptures (vastu-shastra), where the spirit of asceticism (tapas) is harmoniously combined, so necessary for deepening the subtle processes, where the very "exit from the comfort zone" could be achieved, and the sublime refinement, showing the direction of such an "exit" — all this could bring revival for a spiritual seeker’s suffering soul.

A place where there is a library and a reading room with the texts of the Vedas and upanishads, itihasa, puranas and other Vedic literature, being verified by centuries and millennia, books and textbooks containing the words of real masters of the spirit: jnanis, siddhas and gods. Where there are large and small, properly equipped rooms for practices, both physical (hatha yoga, etc.) and more subtle, developing the skills of concentration (dharana), mindfulness, meditation (dhyana), relaxation, calming and clearing the mind, and other valuable qualities and abilities, i.e. where you can go through all the steps of Patanjali's Ashtanga yoga. A place where you can deeply engage in spiritual practice on your own or under the guidance of experienced instructors, mentors, senior students of a realized Master.

The emergence of such a place is now taking place in the Kiev region, Ukraine — an educational retreat ashram "Vidya Sagara" is now being created.



1. "Forest Flower"

The 1.3 hectares of land have already been purchased for it, a fence has been partially set up and "The Gate of Diamond Wisdom" has been installed, the first building named "Forest Flower" is being erected, designed for 12 rooms with a separate entrance for living and individual practice.

Asceticism, tapas in the Siddha tradition is always associated with either the Himalayan mountains or forests. The forest — is being a traditional hermitage, remote place for great yogis and siddhas for all times. In it, yogis achieve samadhi, gain a sense of oneness with God and enter into final liberation.

It is the divine gifts that are the magic flowers as a result of forest tapas, they are the ones that shower the yogi. That is, those who live in this place, practicing tapas, sadhana — acquire this flower of Awakening.




2. Temples

Construction of Shiva Temple and Saraswati Temple has already begun.





3. "Ananda Drishti" (Joyful Visio)

Next, it is planned to build the "Ananda Drishti" Main Building with large and small halls for practicing, properly equipped: the Bhajan Mandala Hall, the Kundalini Yoga and Shat-Chakra Yoga Hall, and the Mahashanti Hall.

Ananda Drishti — it is a blissful vision, the self-attitude of practitioners in the ashram, a non-dual view full of happiness and bliss. It is similar to the Jnana-drishti, the view of a non-dual wisdom.




4. "Star Stream"

Further, it is planned the appearance of the Library "Star Stream" or "Star Temple" and fill it with the books already available in our treasury, as well as the acquisition of new intimate copies, as well as the printing and publishing of books.

The Star Stream is a stream of blessings of the sacred knowledge from saints, rishis, sages and siddhas, whose radiance of wisdom is traditionally associated with the light of stars. Since the library is the repository of sacred texts such as: sutras, tantras, upadeshas, agam, upanishads, puranas, — the sacred texts are the treasury of the minds of the gods, rishis and siddhas; and the library that stores these sacred texts is always filled with their blessed stream of downward grace power — known as Anugraha Shakti.




5. "Fragrant Nectar"

Of course, the Center will also be equipped with the Dining Room "Fragrant Nectar" with vegetarian cuisine.


6. Landscape design

A pleasing look of the landscape design, harmonising the internal state, involves the appearance of arbors, summer buildings, a yoga platform "Morning Dawn" near the lake, the rock garden, alpine slides, fountains, laying tiles, paving slabs, perimeter walks area, etc.

In the tantras dedicated to the sadhana of deities worshiping, it is believed that Liberation, the attainment of siddhi (extraordinary abilities) comes in the early morning, such an early morning is personified by the goddess of the dawn Ushas.



7. Lake "Mahahrada"

The creation of Lake Mahahrada is planned on the territory of the Center.

Planting of greenery is also an important part of the project: trees and shrubs, flowers will be selected in a certain way, an alley will be planted along the path going throughout perimeter of the Center.

The "Alley of the Great Mother" is located along the perimeter of the Center, girdling with its strength and blessings, and concentrating the general energy of this residence.



If you have an interest in this project, a respect and a desire to take part in its implementation, to participate in creating such a unique place for this modern world, where spirit will be nurtured, awareness and peace of mind will increase, then you can do this by contacting us:

E-mail: ashramvidyasagara@gmail.com

If you realize the benefits of such practices, but for some reason there is no opportunity or willingness to engage in them, then by making a contribution to create such a place — it is already a step in this direction.

Учебно-ритритный ашрам "Видья Сагара":
Адвайтавадини Гири +38 067-438-77-48, ashramvidyasagara@gmail.com