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Календарь Веда Локи
8 Декабря
2023 год

по ведическому
5121 год Кали-юги,
28-я Маха-юга
7-я манвантара
Эпоха Ману Вайвасваты
кальпа вепря
первый день 51 года
Vidya Sagara / Enter the tradition / Temporary Monasticism

Two-year course of Temporary Monasticism

Двухлетний курс временного монашества
Worldwide Community of Sanatana Dharma

From the 1 of August of 2019 the WOSM (Worldwide Community of Sanatana Dharma) introduces the regulation "On two-year Temporary Monasticism".

  • 1. Mataji and prabhu, between the ages of 18 and 58, who have refuge in the Creed, can take a two-year course of temporary monasticism at any WOSM ashram that has a Mahant monk.
  • 2. During this time, all social connections and business should be 100% frozen, but passive income is not prohibited.
  • 3. A Temporary Monk temporarily takes full monastic vows - Vinaya Samhita.
  • 4. The status of Temporary Monk is fully equivalent to "Training Brahmachari".
  • 5. The purpose of Temporary Monasticism is to educate a strong generation of Karma Sannyasis, who will form the core in the future in the service of spreading the Teachings and forming Vedic settlements, ashrams of Karma Sannyasis, Dharma Centers and Dharma Groups of WOSM.
  • 6. For Temporary Monk the ashram provides: accommodation (if possible and in accordance with the status), food (monastic), Dharma (in accordance with the status and level of education).
  • 7. Expenses of travel, treatment, clothing, communication etc. are on Temporary Monk.
  • 8. Vows can be taken for the entire period - two years, or in parts, first one year and then another year (in the same or in another ashram).
  • 9. If after the expiration of the two-year term the Temporary Monk decides to remain in permanent monasticism, then these two years are counted as part of the 12-year study.
  • 10. Upon completion of two years of temporary monasticism, a completion scroll is issued, indicating the level of study, missionary and official status in the community.
  • 11. For admission it is necessary to apply with an official letter of application to the mahant of the selected ashram, to receive the approval of the monetary council and the blessing of the Guru.

Учебно-ритритный ашрам "Видья Сагара":
Адвайтавадини Гири +38 067-438-77-48, ashramvidyasagara@gmail.com