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Vidya Sagara / Enter the tradition / Mokshadharma Grihastha Diksha

Mokshadharma Grihastha Diksha


“Grihastha in Hinduism is the second stage of life of the married head of the family. This is the householder, the second stage in the four stages of life (varna-ashrama-dharma). After completing the period of apprenticeship and completing the rite of returning home, the "twice-born" had to get married as soon as possible. Marriage was a religious necessity and a social responsibility. He pursued 3 goals:

  • 1. The fulfillment of a religious duty through sacrifices;
  • 2. Сontinuation of the genus to ensure the normal posthumous existence of ancestors;
  • 3. Sense gratification (kama).

The householder stage was seen as the center and foundation of the entire social structure. The householder should do charity work, providing food to everyone that he can. There were rules that governed the behavior of the householder. Strict adherence to them promised longevity, healthy and numerous offspring, inexhaustible wealth, the accumulation of karmic merits." (M. Albedil)

Diksha for laymen-grihasthas is the next step after receiving the Symbol of Faith. It is a way to strengthen your spiritual choice and truly begin your spiritual life in the Sanatana Dharma tradition by receiving a new spiritual name, mantra from a spiritual Master, and by taking the initial spiritual vows of Grihastha.

The Diksha ceremony for the Grihasthas (family lay householders) is held once a year in October on the Dharma Maha Sabha at the same time as the Karma-Sannyasy Diksha.

Conditions for obtaining a spiritual name and the status of a Grihastha (sadhu-householder):

  • 1. Belief in Refuge, in the Line of Transmission. Have a Symbol of Faith Refuge.
  • 2. Two years of stay in the Refuge. Means from the date when the Symbol of the Refuge was taken.
  • 3. Pass to level 1.1 (SD kanishtha) according to the adopted training program.
  • 4. Write in a free form the letter of petition in which you ask for grant Grihastha-Diksha and send it to the mail of the community: [email protected].
  • 5. Observance of the Grihastha vows for 1 year:

    Six vows of Grihastha:

    • 1) Five great vows (Maha-Vrata) of pure life (not harming anyone, not stealing, not lying, control of sex life, refusal from intoxicating substances).
    • 2) Daily worship of the Gods and Saints of the Refuge in the Ashram or at the home Altar (upasana).
    • 3) Daily simple practice, including chant of mantras, meditation, in which there is a transmission.
    • 4) Practice of offering and worship on special days of Saints and Gods (Shivaratri, etc.).
    • 5) Daily study of the scriptures or hearing and meditating on satsangs (shravana and manana).
    • 6) Vegetarianism (giving up alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, meat, fish, eggs, coffee).
  • 6. Having a home Altar, ritual white clothes and saddhu-tattvas.
  • 7. Mandatory observance of brahmacharya vow 7 days before and after initiation, as well as observance of the rules of working with sexual energy for family sadhus.
  • 8. Practice yoga, meditation, concentration and practice upasana (worship) at the Altar (at least 1 time per week).
  • 9. Knowledge of the foundations of the Teaching in the volume of 1 degree, as well as the philosophy of Advaita from the texts of "Viveka Chudamani", "Yoga Vasishtha", books and lectures of the Guru, etc..
  • 10. Read at least once the sacred texts "Yoga Vasishtha", "Tripura Rahasya", "Avadhuta Gita", "Viveka Chudamani", "Ishvara Gita".
  • 11. Performing seva in the present and future in the World Community of Sanatana Dharma.
  • 12. Participation in seminars, retreats, satsangs of the Guru.
  • 13. Live in any of the WOSM ashrams for at least 2 weeks.
  • 14. Recommendation from 1 monk.
  • 15. Write a treatise on the topic "The Qualities of a Disciple in the Tradition of Sanatana Dharma" (volume 20 pages).
  • 16. Answer in writing the questions of the Symbol of Faith and the Tree of Refuge test.
  • 17. One month before taking the Grihastha-Diksha, perform the preliminary offering ceremony to the Refuge Tree on the Altar.
Mokshadharma Grihastha Diksha

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