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18 Августа
2022 год

по ведическому
5121 год Кали-юги,
28-я Маха-юга
7-я манвантара
Эпоха Ману Вайвасваты
кальпа вепря
первый день 51 года
Vidya Sagara / Enter the tradition / Dharma-Grihastha-Diksha



Dharma-grhastha-diksha is a diksha in the Santana Dharma of our line, when a disciple who remains in the world is not yet ready to intensively practice for Moksha (Liberation), but he would like to follow the path on his level for a higher rebirth and generally follow the accepted one in our Dharma community.

Conditions for dharma-grhastha-diksha: all the same conditions as for mokshadharma-grhastha-diksha, except for surrender to stage 1.1. Sanatana Dharma kanistha, and 1 year must elapse from the adoption of the Symbol of Faith.The Diksha ceremony for the Grihasthas (family lay householders) is held once a year in October on the Dharma Maha Sabha at the same time as the Karma-Sannyasy Diksha.

Conditions for obtaining a spiritual name and the status of a Grihastha (sadhu-householder):

  • 1. Belief in Refuge, in the Line of Transmission. Have a Symbol of Faith Refuge.
  • 2. One years of stay in the Refuge. Means from the date when the Symbol of the Refuge was taken.
  • 3. Write in a free form the letter of petition in which you ask for grant Grihastha-Diksha and send it to the mail of the community: sadhuloka@gmail.com.
  • 4. Observance of the Grihastha vows for 1 year.

    Six vows of Grihastha:

    • 1) Five great vows (Maha-Vrata) of pure life (not harming anyone, not stealing, not lying, control of sex life, refusal from intoxicating substances).
    • 2) Daily worship of the Gods and Saints of the Refuge in the Ashram or at the home Altar (upasana).
    • 3) Daily simple practice, including chant of mantras, meditation, in which there is a transmission.
    • 4) Practice of offering and worship on special days of Saints and Gods (Shivaratri, etc.).
    • 5) Daily study of the scriptures or hearing and meditating on satsangs (shravana and manana).
    • 6) Vegetarianism (giving up alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, meat, fish, eggs, coffee).
  • 5. Having a home Altar, ritual white clothes and saddhu-tattvas.
  • 6. Mandatory observance of brahmacharya vow 7 days before and after initiation, as well as observance of the rules of working with sexual energy for family sadhus.
  • 7. Practice yoga, meditation, concentration and practice upasana (worship) at the Altar (at least 1 time per week).
  • 8. Knowledge of the foundations of the Teaching in the volume of 1 degree, as well as the philosophy of Advaita from the texts of "Viveka Chudamani", "Yoga Vasishtha", books and lectures of the Guru, etc..
  • 9. Read at least once the sacred texts "Yoga Vasishtha", "Tripura Rahasya", "Avadhuta Gita", "Viveka Chudamani", "Ishvara Gita".
  • 10. Performing seva in the present and future in the World Community of Sanatana Dharma.
  • 11. Participation in seminars, retreats, satsangs of the Guru.
  • 12. Live in any of the WOSM ashrams for at least 2 weeks.
  • 13. Recommendation from 1 monk.
  • 14. Write a treatise on the topic "The Qualities of a Disciple in the Tradition of Sanatana Dharma" (volume 20 pages).
  • 15. Answer in writing the questions of the Symbol of Faith and the Tree of Refuge test.
  • 16. One month before taking the Grihastha-Diksha, perform the preliminary offering ceremony to the Refuge Tree on the Altar.

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